Barefoot Pastures Book 3

The past few months have been full of highs and heart-wrenching lows. Even when everyone told her it was time to hang up the spurs, she and Rusty fought it. Their comeback has been record-breaking and awe-inspiring. The coveted All-Around Cowgirl title they’ve been fighting for all year is now only a few points away.

Will they be able to maintain their winning streak and hang onto their focus long enough to finish the season, or will there be too many distractions? Will life get in the way now that Tory has stepped out of that little sister shadow and is ready to fully embrace the woman she is going to be? What was once a simple plan for her future, is now complex; and what Tory once thought she’d never want in her life, she now finds herself considering, almost dreaming of.

What Tory once loved about herself—who she once thought she was—she now questions. Jake ignited a fire deep inside Tory, one she knows she’ll never be able to extinguish. He brought her to a new high, which she now yearns for as much as she craves the feeling she gets when she races Rusty barefoot through their pastures. As her identity shifts, will her priorities and goals in life change as well? What happens when that choice is made for her?

One thing is for sure, this third edition to Tory’s saga will put everything to the test, love, strength, and even loyalty.