About Lili Mahoney

Lili lives in a rural area of Texas Hill Country, where her husband, three kiddos, dogs, and miscellaneous other critters create just enough chaos to keep her seated in reality and not lost in another novel. They also remind her daily that the very best stories come from memories and inspiration of being at home and with family.

She spends a large amount of time playing with her kids, drinking strawberry smoothies, and not cooking. Sadly, that means she’s usually the one doing all the dishes, which will put her into a foul mood since she dislikes anything domestic. Especially folding socks.

As a child, she had a tough time learning to read because of dyslexia and ADD. You’ll find that her books are fast-paced and full of characters with flaws. She usually writes what entertains her; that being strong women, loads of action, and interesting problems that might be a little out of the ordinary. She has grown to love reading and enjoys books that suck you in and don’t let you go and hopes her stories do the same for her readers.